What is CPP Elevate
While CPP is best known for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment, CPP is also a group of people who can offer you the information, guidance, and support you need.
Problems & Challenges
Customers complain constantly about that the site is too complicated, with confusing interface and task flow, no help options.
From implementing clearer navigation, content upgrades, clearer CTA, and increased font size to improve usability.
Taking future features as consideration to create a site layout that is aligned with current branding, with updated, modernized approach.  
Process / Key contributions & design process
Discovery & Strategy / Evaluating existing
Discovery & Strategy / Proposed Sitemap
Strategy / Information hierarchy
Strategy / Wireframe
Explore / Moodboards
Explore / Design concepts
Design / Dashboard and interaction
Design / Catalog page and filter interaction
Design / Catalog page & product detail dropdown
Deliverables / Styleguide

Selected Projects

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