Levi’s® BackPocket app is an associate ordering system (AOS) used in Levi’s® stores. Which is an omnichannel initiative that drives in-store conversion for retailers at their brick-and-mortar locations for items that are currently out of stock. The item is then shipped to the customer's desired shipping location.
Challenges & Goals
The main challenges for store associates include losing items in the cart or customer info when trying to modify during the checkout, taking too long to navigate, and inventory misalignment. Technical issues impact associate confidence in offering Levi’s® BackPocket app.
Short-term goal (MVP): Build an app that stylists want to use. Primary use cases include improving connectivity, expanding screen responsiveness, and adding inventory integration.
Long-term goal: Provide personalization value prop to consumers and establish the app as a revenue driver.
While the project is still in the development phase, the store managers did express that the newly designed app (prototype) addressed their pain points during the user testing sessions.

Collaboration / Role and Job Function
The project was running on an aggressive timeline (4 weeks) for the design team. I was the UX lead who collaborated with business partners, project managers, and engineers. 
During the discovery phase, I conducted in-person depth interviews with Levi’s® store associates.
Design Process / Project Planning
Discover & Define / User Journey & UX Flow
Design / Wireframes
Credits: Levi Strauss & Co.

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