What is Jiobit
Jiobit is the world’s smallest and longest lasting smart tag that helps parents keep track of their kids real-time from their mobile devices, wherever they are. 
Challenges & Goals
To deliver a consistent brand message and create high-quality visuals that reflect the Jiobit voice. The user-centered design principle was applied from concept to execution, across many platforms.
With increasing number of visibilities, the product was featured on PC Magazine Editors’ Choice 2018, BuzzFeed, CNET, Fatherly, TechCrunch. The project is a great representation of team collaboration. Visual design, product design, marketing, and software team all came as a one to make a visually appealing and useful product. 
The Jiobit app is consistently improving and involving based on analytics and customers' feedback.
Process / Key contributions & design process
Design / Brand identity and iconography
Deliverables / Responsive website – landing page
Website / Sitemap
Website / Wireframes
Website / Homepage and product pages
Including icons, illustration creation and photography
Responsive Website / Store & checkout pages
Jiobit App / Dashboard & features
Digital Marketing / Email design
Design / Photography
Design / Packaging and instruction booklet
Design / Digital advertising and press kit
Credits: Jiobit

Selected Projects

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