Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace connecting hosts with guests. It offers a diverse range of RVs, along with insurance and roadside assistance for added convenience and security.
The aim is to showcase our new host experience using the champion archetype. We will focus on the identified needs, wants, and pain points, and demonstrate how we fulfill them through the end-to-end experience. Additionally, we will integrate the story of how this work has evolved our internal design systems - Bonfire.
Next Steps
Currently, we are at the Beta launch stage. Our next step is to invite a small group of hosts with a mix of archetypes into our new host experience. The research we find from the host panel will help us to evolve the experience and cater to the needs of our fleet hosts.
Process / Key contributions & design process
Discover & define / Product audits 
Design explorations / Dashboard
Design / Presentation sizzle and artifacts
New host platform / Home
Credits: Outdoorsy

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