With COVID-19, Order for Pickup has emerged from a nice to have in a merchant’s digital strategy, to a must have. As the volume of Order for Pickup increased dramatically, one of our priority focus areas was on assisting store associates – primarily in making their jobs easier and safer. As a result, we redesigned and added new features to our ARRIVE Console to meet the needs of the market, based on hours of user studies.
Challenges & Goals
With customer spectrum ranging from restaurants, retail merchants, to store employees who juggle many tasks at once, ARRIVE team was aimed to improve our existing user workflow as well as what the top ‘nice to haves’.
Without research or data collection methods in place previously, as the lead UX designer at ARRIVE team, I worked with product managers to plan and conduct usability research and utilize the data to help define and design the UX for the new console design.
With potential POS or online ordering system integration being implemented, I collaborated with the product manager and engineers to make sure the design is scalable.  
Since new ARRIVE Console launched, we had received positive feedback from iHOP in regards to their experience with the new ARRIVE Console feature such as user friendly UI, 2-way communication feature and prominent arriving alerts. We had also acquired new clients like Qdoba and Primanti Bros.

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Understanding / How ARRIVE Works
Process / End-to-End Design Process
Discovery & Strategy / User Testing & Design Iteration
Design & Solve / Arrival Alert Interaction 
Design & Solve / Order Detail Interaction 
Design / Web & Tablet View
Design / Mobile View
Build / Component Library, Design Specs & Responsive Views
Credits: Rakuten Ready

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