Founded in 1933, the San Francisco Ballet is America’s oldest professional ballet company which dedicated to sharing the joy of dance and powerful entertainment with audiences in their community and around the globe. To translate their mission and passion, 300FeetOut was chosen to design their 2014 Repertory Season advertising campaign.
The concept for the campaign, named “Anticipation,” is an invitation into the world of ballet that captures the unbridled suspense of performance and the awe of the SF Ballet. Behind-the-scenes photography gives the viewer an exclusive and intimate look into the life of ballet by humanizing the performers and creating an emotional connection with the audience through the promise of excitement and the feeling of accessibility.
The campaign took flight with a new 40-page brochure, outdoor signage including bus sides, street pole banners, and kiosk posters, as well as print and digital advertising then brought the campaign to life.
Responsible for advertising, collateral development, digital advertising, and branding guidelines
Awards: Davey Award, Communicator Award
Credits: 300FeetOut

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