What is Jiobit
Jiobit is the world’s smallest and longest lasting smart tag that helps parents keep track of their kids real-time from their mobile devices, wherever they are. 
Challenges & Goals
To deliver a consistent brand message and create high-quality visuals that reflect the Jiobit voice. The user-centered design principle was applied from concept to execution, across many platforms.
The project is a great representation of team collaboration. Visual design, product design, marketing, and software team all came as a one to make a visually appealing and useful product. The Jiobit app is consistently improving and involving based on analytics and customers' feedback.
Jiobit App / User flow chart
Jiobit App / OOBE UI & user flow
Jiobit App / Dashboard in 5 states
Visual design / App features
Deliverables / App screens

Selected Projects

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