Levi’s® is focused on growing the direct-to-consumer business and re-defining itself in a moment when wholesale is declining. An app will bridge the gap between in-store and online, with the foundation for a global omni-channel brand experience that caters to and grows the Levi’s® DTC (direct-to-consumer) reach.
Challenges & Goals
The goal is to create a MLP (Minimum Lovable Product) app for Levi’s® that is engaging to the consumer, increases brand perception, helps grow loyalty, drives revenue, and launches in October.
Challenges include creating one app with different feature sets by region, redesigning existing features within a new platform and running an aggressive schedule.
Despite COVID-19 impact on the retail industry, online sales via Levi's® app is increasing. The app has now become one of the main focus of the company.

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Collaboration / Role and Job Function
My main job function was to quickly adopt and roll out user paths for various features, including shop (product display page, cart & checkout, search, find a store, etc.), Loyalty program for Europe region.
Design / Mobile App
Design / Checkout Flow
Credits: Levi Strauss & Co.

Selected Projects

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